Scope of Services


As a certified NRVIA Level 2 RV Inspector I Include a full evaluation of the appliances and systems such as the refrigerator, air conditioning, stoves, ovens, microwaves, heat, hot water, and generators. These inspections can reveal potential problems that may have otherwise gone unreported.

For motorhomes, it is also recommended to conduct a Fluid Analysis of the engine coolant and engine oil of the coach and the generator to look for hidden issues inside the engines as well as the transmission. We do this by taking samples and sending them to LG Lubricants for analysis. 


I am sure it has happened to you see something and you fall in love and let your heart make a decision for you. That is why an independent inspection of the RV you are falling in love with by a third party can potentially save you a lot of money and heartache.


This service is also good for the seller so any issues can be resolved before the sale and a copy of the report can be shared with a potential buyer to provide the new owner with some peace of mind.

Comprehensive Inspections include:

• Roof, vents, joints, ladders, antennas, etc.

• Sidewalls, slideouts, awnings, toppers

• Doors, stairs, screens, locks, compartment

• Frame, lights, brakes, tires, leveling, etc

• Electrical, 12 volt DC, 120 volt AC inverters, converters, generators, etc.

• Plumbing, tanks, pumps, integrity.

• Propane System, leak test, Life Safety issues

• Refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, etc.

• Water heater, furnace, Air Conditioning.

• Washer and Dryer

• Entertainment systems

Inspections consist of:

Class A                  125 points 50-75 pics

Class C                  125 points 50-75 pics

Class B                  100 points 30-60 pics

Fifth Wheel          80-100 points 30-60 pics

Travel Trailer        60-80 points 25-50 pics


Lubricant and Coolant Report Sample